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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics:

Give Free Speech to Everyone as Free Speech is Everything and at the foundation of anything important in our lives. Empower and Engage people around the world to collect and share knowledge or content and either publish it under a free license or dedicate it to the public domain. Disseminate content to everyone by sharing it effectively and free of charge around the world at least once per day. No Filter Design enables a free flow of information that can not be affected or stopped by anybody but mighty time.

You are free to: Read, Print and Redistribute content, text and other media free of charge. Share and Reuse information fully or partially and other media under free and open licenses. Contribute or participate

Under the following conditions: Responsibility — You take responsibility for the content you share (since is only software to host and distribute your content for a very short period which is 1 hour) Civility — You support a civil environment and do not harass others or violate laws. No Harm — You do not harm our technology infrastructure. Terms of Use and Policies — You adhere to the below Terms of Use and to the applicable Code of Ethics when you visit our sites applications. With the understanding that: You License Freely Your Contributions — you generally must license your contributions and edits to our sites or Projects under a free and open license (unless your contribution is in the public domain). No Professional Advice — the content of articles and other projects is for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice.

Because we believe that you shouldn’t have to provide personal information to participate in the free knowledge movement, you may: Read, share, or use functionality without barriers on the way to disseminate information. Because can not empose control over you by design, we do not collect any personally identifiable information, however, please keep in mind the following: We see this every time you connect to and we don't collect your IP, but we give unique id for the activity until you are using the website or applications the limited time of 1hr and delete any copy of this information from our servers immediately after the posting is gone: Internet is open and can not prevent copying the information you share publicly We log emails and feedback you send us Our servers are located in jurisdictions and adhere to local laws meaning that server hosters may actively forward all or partial information to authorities, but fortunately, we store as little information as we can and delete it as soon as posting is gone.

We are committed to: Enable free flow of information via assap network which is open, public, neutral, censorship-resistant, decentralised and free to use at least daily. Using reasonable measures to keep your information secure. Never selling your information or sharing it with third parties for marketing purposes. Only sharing your information when needed to comply with the law. Retaining as little of your data for the shortest possible time

Be aware: Content may contain sensitive material which may hurt your feelings. We recommend blurring the content by default Any content you add will be publicly available. This Privacy Policy does not apply to any third party and all sites provided in postings must be treated as if they are malicious and will have their own privacy policy and desires For the protection of the Wikimedia Foundation and other users, if you do not agree with this Code of Ethics, we ask you not to use